Q.1.3 Organisations such as Facebook, Airbnb and Uber have harnessed social capital to grow their market shares and become major disruptive forces in their industries. Define and explain how a digital citizen can build and enhance social capital.

Social capital involves social relationships and networks that complement and benefit each other for economic capital and economic growth of an organization.  Starting a business, and engaging some contacts like your friends  how you can work together. Social networks in an organization include the trust among the employees, their satisfaction level with the job and also the quality of communications that take place with the peers, seniors.This network will allow you to evaluate the resources you can access from these people to better the organization.

Enhancing Social Capital means meeting people creating connections so that  can you can have better access to resources.Being active on social media plays an important role too in enhancing social capital.Get involved in social media groups , blogs as  social media provides you with access to people who think the same way you do or even better than you can sharing your vision and ideas. Its important to provide much information about your self to other people, so they can really understand who are and figure out how you could build a connection together and enhance social capital


Tristan, C. 2004. Definitions of Social Capital. Social Capital Research. [online]. Available at: http://www.socialcapitalresearch.com/literature/definition.html [Accessed 23 April 2017].


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